The Tudors: A Very Short Introduction

John Guy’s Very Short Introduction to the Tudors is the most authoritative concise introduction to the Tudor period. It offers a compelling account of the great political, religious and economic changes that took place under such leading monarchs as Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

This new edition has been substantially revised, with significant new material on the socio-economic and religious upheavals of the 1550s and the post-Armada years, increased attention to the problems of minority and female rule and to the wider ‘British’ dimension of Tudor history, and a new chapter on material culture and the arts in the long Tudor century.

Table of Contents

Genealogical table
The Tudor Succession
Note on Units of Currency
1: Henry VII: founding a new dynasty
2: Henry VIII: the personification of power
3: The Reformation and British ‘Imperial’ Kingship
4: Mid-Tudor crisis and the succession
5: Philip and Mary: an experiment in dual monarchy
6: The early Elizabethan polity
7: Material culture and the arts
8: After the armada
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The Tudors - A Very Short Introduction